Seasonal Offers



If you are short of time or space to start your seeds off at home, our team of dedicated volunteers have been hard at work doing the seed sowing for you. Over the next few months, weather permitting of course, there will be a wide variety of plants for sale whenever the trading centre is open.

The first to be available, if we continue with our mild weather conditions, will be broad beans, cabbages and lettuce.

The team are growing a wide variety of tomatoes this year, ready to be potted on are Gardener’s delight, Brandy wine, an heirloom cultivar of tomato, with large potato-leaved foliage and pink beefsteak-shaped fruit. It is popularly considered among the best tasting available. Marmande also beefsteak, Tigerella, a bi-coloured cultivar, relatively small, 2 to 4 ounces (60-120 g) early cropping and has a sweet flavour. Roma, a versatile and flavourful variety that is ideal for sauces and preserving. Money maker, cordon-type tomatoes, meaning they require pruning to encourage optimum growth. Also, there will be blight resistant tomatoes but these have been sown a little later.

Cabbage, Golden acre, good for coleslaw, Filderkraut, a pointed headed variety with a high sugar content. A coreless point, making it very easy to cut fine shreds to make sauerkraut and Greyhound, an old favourite, flavoursome, neat and compact. Brussel sprouts, Cauliflowers, Leeks, Onions, Celery, Swiss chard, Calabrese, Purple sprouting broccoli, Aubergine, Beetroot, Sweet peppers, and a variety of chilli peppers, including the hot and pungent Tabasco variety.

All plants will be sold at competitive prices and we would encourage you to come and purchase from outside the trading centre which is open every Saturday am & pm, Sunday am.

The polytunnel team also grow all the plants for the Food bank plot, which is turning out to be a most productive enterprise to help local people who have fallen on hard times. If you have any spare plants to spare please consider donating them for this good cause.