September 2019

Below is an extract from our September 2019 Newsletter. To see a full copy of the Newsletter please click on the link in the righthand column.


Recently there has been spate of dead animals, here on the allotments and Shirley Oaks Village where several foxes and a domestic cat have also been found dead. The remains of 2 foxes, 1 cat and 1 hedgehog were sent to DEFRA for post mortem and toxicology tests. These animals died on row 1 of the annex. It was found that the animals died from rat poison, 4 times over the lethal dose so this raises grave concerns. It is illegal to use poison to kill foxes and one of the worst methods as proved by the other dead animals that have been found; poisoned meat left around is indiscriminate. A much loved cat killed along with a hedgehog which are in sharp decline. Please consult Peter the ground steward before using any rat poison on your plot or if you have poison in your shed, he will advise on its use or disposal. A specialist pest control team may be called to deal with rat extermination. Evidence of inappropriate use of rat poison will result in your tenancy being terminated.