May 2019

Below is an extract from our May 2019 Newsletter. To see a full copy of the Newsletter please click on the link in the righthand column.


On Saturday 18th May and thereafter on a regular basis we will have an on-site visit from a blade and tool specialist offering a fast, friendly and professional service to sharpen your garden tools, kitchen knives and scissors. All prices will include a 20% discount for allotment plot holders. Adam will be situated in the car park from 10am to early afternoon every four to six weeks or thereabouts. Future dates will be notified in the newsletter, posters in the notice boards and on our website.

Typical prices include garden shears all types £8, any three single edged tools (e.g. spades) £14.40, Rotary lawnmower blades can be sharpened and balanced, secateurs sharpened and oiled, large bladed single edged tools such as spades, adzes, hoes and shovels sharpened. Hand axes, hatchets and kindling knives from £6. Kitchen knives (non ceramic) 6-10 £28, up to five knives £16, individual knives, blade length 1-5 inches £3.20, 6-8 inches £4, 9-12 inches £4.80. Regular scissors £4, fabric/ dressmaking scissors based on size from £6. Other edged items such as large masonry bits, wood chisels and plane irons have a minimum price of £3.20 which is subjected to appraisal.