May 2020

Below is an extract from our May 2020 Newsletter. To see a full copy of the Newsletter please click on the link in the righthand column.


Can you help us to save water? The monthly water bill for this site is £1000 per month at the moment and we’d like to reduce it. Please think first before you spend time watering your plot. Hoses must be hand held. There is no need to water all of your crops, here are some helpful tips :

Water is the vital ingredient for us all – to grow fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers. It is a scarce resource so you all can help to use it responsibly.

>When to water? In the evening or very early morning or it will evaporate away

Where to water? Aim your water at the roots and not the leaves

How often to water? Weekly giving a good soak rather than little and often

Hose or watering can? The choice is yours, if you’ve got a greenhouse or polytunnel your demand for water will be greater. A hosepipe can use the same amount of water in one hour that a household uses in one day. Watering cans, while labour intensive can direct the water to where it’s needed – at the roots.