Applying for a Plot


Renting a Plot

At present we have no vacant allotment plots and we are operating a waiting list for new applications to rent a plot.

An allotment is traditionally measured in rods (perches or poles), an old measurement dating back to Anglo-Saxon times. 10 poles is the accepted size of an allotment, the equivalent of 250 square metres or about the size of a doubles tennis court. We also have a number of half size, 5 rod plots, for those that consider a full size plot is too large.

Join our waiting list

If you are interested in joining our waiting list then please:
- Visit the Office between 10:30am and 12:00noon on a Saturday to chat with a member of the Committee and fill in a form.

Please note, we do not accept applications to join our waiting list by only sending a message via email or by our contact form on this website. You must complete an application form by visiting us at our office.

Plot rental for 2022-2023 is:
£82 for a full (10 rod) plot.
£41 for a half (5 rod) plot.

Green finger membership in the trading hut is now £2 per annum.