Addiscombe Woodside & Shirley Leisure Gardens

The Trading Hut now has bowls of winter flowering bulbs, from the polytunnel team, for sale

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    Mulled wine

    The mulled wine event will be held in the hall on 15th December

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    Hall for Hire

    Our hall has had its make-over and is now available for hire

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    Trading Hut

    The trading hut is open to our plot holders and green finger members

Best Broad Beans

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    Considered the best autumn sown broad bean as they can withstand the worst of winter weathers. The plants are compact and give an early crop of well filled pods. However if your planning to sow in spring then avoid this variety and choose one of the other varieties that are more tender and tasty.

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    Bunyards Exhibition

    An old and reliable favourite Variety with long pods each holding typically 8 tasty beans. The yields are excellent and the beans good for freezing or the show bench.

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    The Sutton

    Many gardeners favourite as they are easy to grow and produce a heavy crop of fine flavoured beans. They are low growing and support themselves in all but the windiest conditions. They can also be sown in autumn or spring, but spring sowing is recommended.

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    Red Epicure

    Similar in taste to other broad beans but offering unusual red beans. The beans retain their colour if steamed but this is lost if even lightly boiled. If picked young and tender they are good enough to eat raw in salads.