Wildlife Field


Our Wildlife Field

The field is managed to encourage local wildlife and bio-diversity.

July 2018

There was great excitement recently when Malcolm announced that he had observed two new visitors to the meadow, the Green Hairstreak butterfly, conveniently laying an egg on the wild flower, Birds Foot trefoil. He also spotted a new damselfly, the Banded Demoiselle, adding to the several species already seen about the pond. In addition to these smaller species, the pond has also attracted to date six different dragonflies. All this shows that Malcolm’s thoughtful planning is really paying off. This enthuses the work party who continue to assist every Wednesday afternoon, still busily engaged in tidying the island beds, releasing space to accommodate the large selection of bedding plants. One volunteer neatly cuts the lawns and paths around the meadow, making it easy for visitors to view the site from different vantage points. Finally, a second pond is being dug so with these ponds and others around the plots, they certainly contribute to AWSLG being accorded, “Site of Nature Conservation Interest” status.