Wildlife Field


Our Wildlife Field

The field is managed to encourage local wildlife and bio-diversity.

June 2018

Despite the earlier cold weather, tidying the island beds continued as well as pricking out seedlings for later planting. In May we had some lovely but unseasonably hot weather which provided perfect growing conditions for the meadow. It was a blaze of colour, yellow from the buttercups along with a strong presence of cow parsley in all their ethereal white beauty. There was also a striking display of camassias in their different shades of blue. Butterflies have responded well to the hot spell with many sightings of Orange Tips, Holly Blues, as shown above. Speckled Woods as well as small and Green-veined Whites, seen not only around the wildlife area, but also across the allotments. The next butterfly appearances should be the Common Blues and Small Coppers with masses of suitable foliage in the meadow to provide food for the caterpillars. The meadow will be a changing spectacle throughout the summer and well worth a visit at any time. Our leader, Malcolm is often there and will be only too pleased to answer any questions.