Wildlife Field


Our Wildlife Field

The field is managed to encourage local wildlife and bio-diversity.

June 2017

June confirmed the early promise and butterfly numbers are on target for a best year for sixth year. This is especially pleasing when 2016, the fourth worst butterfly year since 1976 nationally and regionally, is our previous best.The island beds are full of colour with the promise of more to come to stretch the season into early autumn. The meadow similarly has many flowering native plant species which caught the eye of the environmental consultant who visited for over 7 hours spread over two days in late June. His company have carried out survey work for LB Croydon but this time at the request of the Planning Inspector.

The entire site was thoroughly surveyed and the great variety of plots, gardening styles and the large number of elderly broadleaves, oaks especially, supported the contention that AWSLG is a site of special nature conservation interest ( SINC ). My hope is that a consequence of the consultant's report will be recognition by LB Croydon that AWSLG is a green space of Borough Importance. This may open the door for other allotment sites, such as Spa Hill, to receive similar recognition. The Open Gardens event was a great success. The Wildlife Field saw a steady stream of visitors with four impressive dragonfly exuvia attached to one large water lily leaf provoking many questions. A large area of young nettle regrowth had several webs of Small Tortoiseshell caterpillars vindicating the decision to cut the older nettles with this in mind. A very pleasant and rewarding afternoon with many positive comments about the whole project.

None of this would be possible without the hard work and loyalty of the wildlife gang and the many donations from plot holders. My thanks to them all.