Wildlife Field


Our Wildlife Field

The field is managed to encourage local wildlife and bio-diversity.

May 2017

Recent rains have freed up time given to watering by can to clearing the island beds and planting a range of material, all donated by work-party colleagues and several plot holders. Early signs are that butterfly numbers are going to be even better than the 2016 high.

The long 2012 hedge, comprising 50 hawthorn, 50 hazel and 50 blackthorn, has now been supplemented with more rugosa roses and 10 buckthorn. The understorey of cow parsley, nettles etc is not cut within a metre of the hedge and supports a deal of insect activity.

Now that the wildlife areas are growing vigorously, Alfred’s immaculate mowing gives the whole field an attractive and well-managed appearance. The surface of the pond is covered with hive bees in hot weather. Mr Bashford has plans for an Observation Hive in the field on event days next year.