Wildlife Field


In memory of plotholder Robin Ogleby who died from COVID in 2021 aged 62, his wife Sue has planted a new cherry tree in the meadow this spring, near the pond. Here it is with Sue and her son George and Malcolm Bridge:


The wildlife field is also planting 5 specimen trees this year which will provide variety and interest over the next 60 years, thanks to Mike Steward and Malcolm (with Kate Whitley's help planting them in). Here is a photo of the Magnolia planting:


The 5 new trees are:

  1. Magnolia grandiflora - This is a late summer/autumn flowering magnolia that will grow to between 20 and 30m tall. They have a dense growth of smooth, leathery evergreen leaves that are alternate, 5-10 inches long, shiny on top and rusty below. Fragrant, creamy-white flowers, which discolour easily if bruised.

  2. Fagus sylvatica 'Dawyck Purple’. A fastigiate beech, narrow columnar upright habit & striking deep purple foliage & good autumn colour, about 15-20m tall at maturity.

  3. Acer platanoides “ Princeton gold”. One of the best varieties of Norway maple with its striking golden spring and summer foliage. It's a medium sized variety, has a broadly columnar, upright, spreading habit. Mature height and spread will exceed 12m x 8m however you can expect a height and spread of around 8m x 5m in approximately 20-25 years.

  4. Taxodium distichum. a deciduous coniferous tree to 20m or more, with a conical crown, fibrous red-brown bark and soft, feathery, light green foliage turning rich yellow brown in autumn. Small ovoid cones. Suitable for planting near boggy areas.

  5. Cornus kousa “China Girl”.A large shrub, vigorous and very free-flowering from a young age. Dark green, oval leaves turn red and orange in autumn. Small clusters of tiny, greenish flowers appear in summer surrounded by large, showy, white bracts and are followed by fleshy, deep pink fruit. Stunning. 6-8 m in 20+ years.