Wildlife Field


Our Wildlife Field

The field is managed to encourage local wildlife and bio-diversity.

October 2018
News from the Meadow

Even at this late stage of the season butterflies such as Common Blues and Small Coppers plus the ubiquitous cabbage whites and the ever present Speckled Woods are still enjoying September sunshine. The meadow has recovered dramatically from the long drought and record breaking temperatures and is, once again, a green and pleasant land. Cutting is well underway and this is a vital autumnal task to maintain the high levels of biodiversity. It is crucial that winter and spring sunshine warms the mown ground to the benefit of many species of invertebrates - insects etc - which are keen parts of the food chain for birds, amphibians and mammals. The clearest sign of our success is that the meadow now hosts almost 100 ant hills raised over a few years whereas there was only one in 2011. Ants have a beneficial relationship with several butterfly species and their numbers have increased in each year and, in this long, hot summer, butterfly totals have been the best ever. New species make the allotment and its wildlife meadow their home with Brown Hairstreak butterfly eggs being found in recent days. Quite exciting and a rich reward for the small but dedicated team who manage our meadow week in and week out.