Important Update

Dear Plot Holders,

The AWSLG Committee wants to support all of our plot holders through this challenging time, so we ask that you read all of this important update.

The site remains OPEN for you to come to your plot, but please be aware of the following information and advice:

  • The Committee hopes all plot holders are safe and well and observing government guidelines to stay at home and only go out for essential shopping and one form of exercise a day. Allotments are permitted to remain open for this, but we have heard that Croydon police are stepping up road blocks asking why people are in their cars, so we are obliged to remind you that government guidelines state that your car should be used only for essential journeys.
  • If you are staying at home, please don’t worry - your plot will still be there for you once this crisis is over - although it may need rather a lot of weeding!
  • If you need any advice or just a chat, we have set up the following phone number: 07598 283 689. It will be manned between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  • We are bringing forward the usual summer ban on bonfires with immediate effect, owing to all our neighbours being at home all day, some with known health issues. Please observe this ban for everyone’s benefit.
  • If you are still able to go to your plot, please keep an eye on nearby plots, and if possible, mow the pathways. If you see any problems, please phone Peter Bashford on 07738 180 944. Please contact Peter if you are able to offer help with essential work around the site, which will be carried out observing safety guidelines.
  • A reminder not to handle the gate padlocks with bare hands, and please wear gloves when using communal equipment such as wheelbarrows. The taps will soon be replaced, and must not be turned on and off without gloves. Please maintain social distance of two metres with other plot holders, and do not gather to chat. We are all responsible for each other’s safety and our own on site.
  • We hope our allotments can remain open, but if we are forced to close, the gates will be double locked. A member of the Committee will visit the site every day to check that all is well. However, as in normal times, the Society cannot be held responsible for your possessions on site.
  • On a brighter note, we hope very much that those of you who are continuing to work their plots will enjoy the fresh air and exercise. The Committee is already planning a ‘recovery phase’ so we will be ready to move forward as soon as this difficult time is behind us. 2021 is our centenary year, which we hope to be able to celebrate with all our community.

Take care, and stay safe,

AWLSG Committee