Tomatoes - Cherry

Type: Vegetable

Rotation Group: 1, Potatoes and Tomatoes



(Indeterminate) A vigorous-growing, sweet-flavoured tomato, providing an abundance of orange, cherry-sized fruit. Can be grown in the greenhouse or outdoors.


(Determinate) Grow something different and really tasty in those hanging baskets and windowboxes. The gently cascading habit produces plenty of delicious 'cherry' tomatoes and it is earlier than most greenhouse varieties. Can be grown in the greenhouse or outdoors.


(Determinate) A great choice for hanging baskets and other containers, the plants remain reasonably compact and yield masses of really sweet cherry tomatoes. Can be grown in the greenhouse or outdoors.


(Determinate) Perfect for baskets, window boxes or raised patio containers, the vigorous, easy-to-grow, cascading plants live up to their name, producing literally thousands of sweet, juicy, bite-sized tomatoes throughout the whole summer. Small cherry fruited varieties for basket or container growing outdoors.

Site, Soil and Preparation

They are great for growing in pots or grow bags in a greenhouse, but will also do well in a sunny spot outdoors, either in the ground, in large pots or in grow bags against a south-facing wall. Smaller types can even be grown in hanging baskets! A fertile soil is required.

Indoor Sowing

Sow from late February to mid-March if you are growing your crop in a greenhouse, or from late March to early April if you are growing outside. Sow in thinly on the surface in pots or trays of seed compost and cover with a thin layer of seed compost or vermiculite. Keep covered (clear cover) in a warm place of about 18 centigrade - a heated propogator is ideal. Uncover and place in a well lit place (window sill) as soon as seedlings appear.

Outdoor Sowing

To improve success in germinating and to develop hardier plants it is best to sow and bring on tomato seeds indoors.


After about two weeks from the seedlings appearing pot them on into individual pots buried up to the first pair of leaves. Keep on a window sill or in a greenhouse above 16 centigrade for a further month.


After about a month the tomato seedlings should be ready to plant to their final growing position.


Water tomato plants regularly to keep the soil moist and feed every 10-14 days with a recognized tomato fertiliser. Cordon (indeterminate) tomatoes will need tying into tall supports and have side shoots removed regularly. Bush (determinate) tomatoes should not need supports unless they are carrying heavy fruit, when support canes may be needed.


Check tomato fruit regularly and pick individual tomatoes as they become fully coloured and ripe.