Cucumber - Indoor

Type: Vegetable

Rotation Group: 0, No rotation needed



Small mini-sized cucumbers ideal for lunch boxes. An early all female hybrid of medium vigour with very little side branching. Bred for protected cropping producing multiple flowers and fruits per node. The 8-10cm (3-4") fruits are mid-green in colour, smooth, firm and crisp with an exceptionally good taste and flavour. Sets well even in cooler conditions. Long cropping period.


The perfect choice for smaller households, this all-female variety produces a heavy crop of 6in-long mini-cues which are big on flavour and crunch. Easy to manage, the plants have good resistance to mildews and mosaic virus.


An 'All Female' cucumber with good tolerance to cold weather and mildew and is resistant to scab and leaf spot. Ideal for late or early cropping, when disease can be a problem.


An old favourite, Femspot F1 is an early cropping, all female cucumber of superb quality, producing long, bitter free, ribbed cucumbers. These plants need heat to get the best results and are better suited to indoor growing in a greenhouse.

Site, Soil and Preparation

Indoor cucumbers need well drained, rich, fertile soil such as grow bags or large pots filled with compost.

Indoor Sowing

Sow cucumber seed indoors from April to May for transplanting later on. Sow seeds on their sides in small 750mm (3in) pots of seed compost at a depth of about 25mm (1in). Place in a propagator or seal pots inside a plastic bag at a temperature of 20-25C (68-77F) until germination which takes 5-7 days.

Outdoor Sowing


Thin indoor sown plants during transplantation to final growing position.


Transplant mid May to the final growing position. Plant 900mm (3ft) apart.


Keep plants well watered and feed regularly with a high potash fertiliser. Climbing varieties will need the support of a framework or cane wigwam.


Allow the fruits to develop to the full size for the variety and pick before they start to yellow.