May 2022 Newsletter


They say that everywhere Her Majesty visits it smells of fresh paint. We are not expecting a personal visit so a mass paint job will not be necessary but in anticipation of the Jubilee weekend we would like to ensure that our site is in tip top condition. A big tidy up is planned for this coming Saturday morning – the 28th May.

If you are able to, please turn up outside the canteen from 9am onwards. Equipment is available but if you have a wheelbarrow, brush or even a strimmer then bring them along. There are many and varied jobs on the list which will suit all abilities.

Should HM parachute in, we will be well prepared!


The first thing to note is that there will be road closures around the site over the Platinum Jubilee weekend. Amongst others, Glenthorne Avenue and Blackthorne Avenue will be closed to traffic between 11am and 9pm on Friday 3rd June.

Our own celebration will take place on Sunday 5th June from 12:00 onwards. The event will take the form of a ‘bring and share’ picnic and BBQ. Bring along food and drink and enjoy the fun!


We apologise for the delay in completing the toilet refurbishment. Unfortunately this was affected by circumstances out of our control including the difficulty of sourcing key materials. We are happy to say that we are now in the final stages of the work and are confident that you will be impressed. We are trying to get Her Majesty to cut the ribbon but don’t hold your breath.


We have a real problem with plots that do not clearly display a number at the front. It’s not just a few. They need to be properly identified and a lot of unnecessary time is spent by the Ground Steward and volunteer delivery people finding the correct plot number. Please ensure that your plot has some sort of number on it. A plastic plant label would do temporarily but why not be a bit more creative?


The problem of ‘plot numbering’ pales into insignificance when it comes to volunteering – or rather the lack of it. As you know, we depend massively on having a large number of volunteers for the many and varied tasks that need doing. To volunteer in some capacity is a commitment from every plot-holder. Despite recent appeals we are still desperately short of numbers. For example, as a result we reluctantly may have to close the Canteen or the Trading Hut at short notice. There is also a long list of jobs around the site that need doing. If you are able to do so – even it’s for short periods – please send an Email or see us in the Office on a Saturday morning.


Recently a resident of Glenthorne Avenue has made us aware of a ‘drone’ being flown over the gardens backing onto our site. Given that all drones these days are equipped with cameras this is obviously an unacceptable invasion of privacy. Whilst we have not been able to establish exactly where the operator of the drone was, please may we ask that the privacy and safety of all of us is respected and that no drones are operated from, or over, our site.


We are now well into the mowing season and Malcolm Holmes is doing an admirable job keeping the roadways trimmed. We need your help though. He has a lot of difficulty with items left in the path of the cutters. They range from wire and netting to rocks and garden tools. Please keep the area around your plot clear and if you spot any obstructions on your travels move them out of the way. We’ve already broken a drive belt this year and the cutting blades can only take so much. It would also be helpful, if you spot the mower approaching, to quickly move any hoses that are crossing the paths to allow the cutter easy passage.


Subject to the above, we hope very soon to recommence deliveries from the Trading Hut to your plot. A small fee will be payable and deliveries will be dependant on the quantity ordered. Please enquire in the Trading Hut at the time of purchase.

That’s all for now. Whatever you are doing over the Jubilee weekend we hope you have a great time.