Hilary’s Arrow


What’s the oldest thing found on your plot?

If it is more than 4400 years old, then it is older than the flint arrowhead I found while preparing a seed drill, in May last year. The artefact verified by the Museum of London is dated from 2400 to 1000BC. This means people were obtaining food from this site over 3000 years ago!

I am collating finds for an exhibition, planned for the Society’s 100th Anniversary celebration in 2021. If you have found anything old or unusual why not lend or donate it to the Society for a display during the celebratory year? If the find has been lost, spent or discarded but you know what it was, when found and which plot, a map of finds can be plotted.

Why not save all non-plant items for a month and see what you collect! I started and have nails, broken glass, the marbles out of 1930’s fizzy drink bottles and a 1921 penny, guess which I have kept and which I have thrown away?

So far, I have seen unidentified objects which will I hope be on display for you to identify. I have had reports of unexploded bombs at the end of road 3 but not which plot was dug out by POWs during WWII and bomb shrapnel dug out elsewhere. Do you know where?

Reports of a gold half sovereign found 30 or 40 years ago probably relates to the old race course which occupied the north side of the Chaffinch brook to Long Lane woods.

If you want to use a metal detector please obtain written permission of the committee and wait until you have harvested your crops and only investigate your own plot. Any treasure trove must be shared with the Society!

To look for worked flint you will not need any equipment except a sharp pair of eyes. Good hunting and let me know what you find by emailing me hilary.waterhouse@virginmedia.com or see me on a rent collecting Saturday in October or in the Trading centre on a Saturday afternoon. Check the rota for days I am in.

Hilary Waterhouse.