Addiscombe Woodside & Shirley Leisure Gardens

Saturday 16th July & Sunday 17th July, Moth Hunt Night and Moth Trap Morning

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    The new place to find all our current forms

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    Renting a Plot

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    Trading Hut

    The trading hut is open to our plot holders and green finger members

Growing Guides

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    Has rapidly established itself as a leading variety, which is no surprise. It has long tapering, wedge-shaped roots with smooth white skin. The roots have a really sweet flavour and are resistant to canker. It is quick to establish after germination and remains vigorous.

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    Keeps its golden flesh when cooked, its uniquely sweet flavour is balanced by a traditional beetroot earthiness. The tender young leaves can be treated as greens.

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    Rondo is a quick growing variety with uniform, round white bulbs. This variety is good for summer and autumn production.

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    Many gardeners favourite as they are easy to grow and produce a heavy crop of fine flavoured beans. They are low growing and support themselves in all but the windiest conditions. They can also be sown in autumn or spring, but spring sowing is recommended.