Addiscombe Woodside & Shirley Leisure Gardens

The Trading Hut now has bowls of winter flowering bulbs, from the polytunnel team, for sale

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    Mulled wine

    The mulled wine event will be held in the hall on 15th December

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    Hall for Hire

    Our hall has had its make-over and is now available for hire

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    Trading Hut

    The trading hut is open to our plot holders and green finger members

Best New Potatoes

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    Provide a high yield (approx 6kG) of medium sized, evenly shaped tubers having great texture and flavour.

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    Give a heavy yield (approx 7kg) of medium to large sized, waxy pale yellow tubers having good texture and flavour.

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    Produce a high yield (approx 6.5kg)of long, waxy textured, oval tubers with yellow skin and having good taste.

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    A new variety giving medium yield (approx 4.5kg) of small, waxy textured tubers having a good flavour.